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November 24, 2021


Preacher claims ancient reptile imitated her husband so it could have sex with her

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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"And that's why I'll never take LSD again."


I just hate it when things like this happen to me.

A good friend used to say to me "are you talkin' to me or you gotta' mouse in your pocket." Then He would often say in reaction to my question, "does a bear s*** in the woods?" Once in a while discussing a woman He would say, 'I wouldn't **** her with your ****."


The story is plausible. Thulsa Doom has been pulling this same stunt since the Hyborian Age.


I think I remember that Twilight Zone episode.

This is why, (But is she SURE it wasn't one of those shape-shifting royals?), one should NEVER feed beer to a horny reptile.

OK, so she said she pulled its face off, but she didn't say she refused the advance after that. Hmm....

"Sometimes they are just bad people who feel no obligation to present themselves honestly and are performing the song and dance that will fill the hat."

^^ This, exactly.

This incident was actually the basis for the musical 'Little Orphan Annie". Hence the line "Leap in, lizard"

This is a government cover-up.

Man tom, scaled reptiles wouldn’t touch her with a 10 foot ball python.

Hubby must be a real snake in the grass.

Ancient Reptile? Hmmm... Is Hugh Hefner still dead?

Sounds like she has a type. Remember when Dave used to pick a theme for each blog?. To honor those long lost efforts, I'd like to offer this question for the T-Day blog; {What topic is most likely to result in an argument as we gather at the dinner table with family and friends this day?} Perhaps Man Tom would like to conduct a poll.

Just another case of reptile disfunction...

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