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November 22, 2021


A Florida family is in trouble with their homeowners association for putting up their Christmas lights too early.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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The HOA President has obviously never shopped at Costco on Labor Day.

Homeowner offered to keep the lights turned off until Thanksgiving, but the HOA still plans to charge them $100 a day?
GeEEez that's harsh.

I prefer to call these local Gestapos HUAs. I'll never live anywhere that has one.

Those aren't Xmas lights, they indicate another proud member of the HOA.

If they were also blaring out Manilow Christmas music, that family is lucky they live in Florida. In parts of Texas this sort of behavior would be considered a hanging offense.

I would take the Christmas lights down and put a For Sale sign up in my yard instead.


When I sold my home in Anthem, Arizona, the HOA required the 'For Sale' sign to be of a limited height and width, and needed to conform to the HOA guidelines of a forest green background with tan lettering.

For every $100,000 of your selling or purchase price, Anthem Country Club will charge $250 to the transaction. For example, a $400,000 home will attract a $1,000 capital improvement fee. So they get you coming and going.

They even have an 'Approved Plant List' & approved paint color schemes. They also regulated the gravel size in your desert landscaping. Similar rules as to when holiday decorations may be put up and taken down. The HOA was run by retired military officers.

Too bad that doesn't happen around here. A guy on the next block from us put up (well, he had his Christmas Decorating Company put up) his Nativity Scene on November r7.

Oh, Pharmaross - Just an hour ago I came back from the home of the HOA President. I had spoke last Friday in front of my home during their monthly walkthrough and also spoke to the the owner of the landscaping company at that time. We pay out the ying yang to *audible laugh* keep the neighborhood which consists of 39 homes free of weeds. I inform her and the owner of the landscaping company and a half dozen more people in their entourage, "I want to let you know a large landscaping truck with orange cones spread about being driven by a man who parked it there all week, without a single tool, etc; walked up on the hill into the brush and did nothing all day. "The man did not haul so much as a single leaf out of the brush and toss it onto the truck."

So you have the picture. The owner of the landscaping company was embarrassed by my words, it was obvious He was i shock, gave me his phone number. I told him I had surveillance video of the truck sitting in front of my house with orange cones during the entire first two weeks of November. he said He ewated the video, to call him.

I called him twice and left messages and He did not return m calls by mid morning this morning I drove to the president's house and left her with my 'synopsis' of the incident (see below) and told her I could show the video to her if she came to my house. I have DVD's, but every time i give someone my surveillance DVD's they say they can't view it.

Anyway, Please don't judge me by my actions. Really, I'm a nice guy. My Urologist said I have a nice smile. We could be buddies.

My synopsis I gave to the President:

Day/Time Log

Nov. 1 Monday - large truck/one man there from 8:37 AM to 3:15 PM (left for lunch a couple of hours, back all day) He goes up on the Hill, stays for hours at a time, comes back to truck just as he left, with nothing.

Nov 4 Thursday - large truck/one man there from 7:39 AM to 3 PM (left for lunch a couple hour, back all day) He goes up on the Hill, stays for hours at a time, comes back to truck just as he left, with nothing.

Nov 5 Friday - large truck/one man there from 7:18 AM to 3:05 PM (left for lunch in afternoon, then back all day) He goes up on the Hill, stays for hours at a time, comes back to truck just as he left, with nothing.

Nov 8 Monday large truck/one man there from 12:50 PM to 3 PM.

Nov 9 Tuesday large truck/one man there from 9:02 am to 11:22am

Nov 12 Friday large/truck same man there 12:58 pm to 4:08 PM

Estimated time spent on the hill with no tools to mention bringing nothing from the hill back to the truck, pipe, brush, etc. is :

5 hours on Nov1 Monday

5 ½ hours on Nov 4 Tuesday

6 hours on Nov 5 Friday

2 hours on Nov 8 Monday

2 hours on Nov 9 Tuesday

4 hours on Nov 12 Friday

Total hours spent on that hill doing nothing during the first two weeks of November would be approximately 24 1/2 hours. The man left for what I would assume would be lunch for a couple hours then came back on Nov 1, Nov 4 and Nov 5.

Unless this person was involved in some work that required no tools, but to just walk up on the hill and stay up there for 24 ½ hours during the two weeks of Nov 1 thru Nov. 12 his truck sat across the street from my home while He did nothing. If the man was doing something regarding a work assignment, then please accept my apology.

BTW" Yesterday I called police at my office and they arrested a guy with an outstanding warrant. Same thing two weeks ago. Arrest made. *PUMPS FIST AND THINKS VICYORY SONG*

I expect gunfire in response to my *VICTORIES*,

That's me wearing the hat. My Urologist, the one with the belt of bullets strapped across his chest and shoulder.

@pharmaross - That is dismal.

Reminds me of that sage philosopher, Ernestine Tomlin, whom I suspect would have made a good HOA president.

The phone company handles 84 billion calls a year, everything from kings, queens, and presidents to the scum of the earth.

As a special favor, I'm enclosing our three-color brochure on phone etiquette. You might find it useful.

We don't care. We don't have to. We're the phone company.

man tom--My sympathies to both you and your urologist. If only you had lived in Tombstone, Arizona in the early 1880's Doc Holliday and the Earp brothers could have had a visit with your HOA administrators. They would have called it a $10 job and you would have had no more trouble...ever. Of course, there were no HOA'a back then. BTW, Doc Holliday was an actual college trained dentist. A historian friend did extensive research and wrote a book on the Southern gentleman dentist who became a famous gunfighter.

man tom--On the subject of wearing hats, there is a newer band here in New Mexico, called Blackkiss. Pete Sands is the lead singer and he is a Navajo Indian. They are getting popular and many of us love his mellow sound. I have a hat like Pete's, but instead of an eagle feather, I used a turkey feather. Check him out.


Le Petomane I have a picture of my great grandmother on my Dad's side she is an American Indian. I am getting into hats since COVID. Have to cover up the head/hair just like the mouth nose. So, for almost two years I wear a hat every day when I go out. A feather? You have a turkey feather? What an idea. I'll look into that. I'm a little jealous. I have three different colors of this one I wear a lot. I really don't know where to find a good hat. I've searched online. Do you know what the hat you have is called? Is your hat sold under a name or brand? I may get one if I can find it.

Great song. Great video.

pharmaross - The President of my HOA is European, probably German. We understand each other real well because she speaks with a somewhat heavy accent causing me to look irritated listening to her. I can be physically intimidating under these circumstances. We understand each other. We should have a discussion centering on Young Guns and Young Guns II. Priceless scene.

man tom--I have traveled a lot in Mexico and love the handwoven ponchos and leather goods. They are incredibly durable and warm. This is from Amazon and comes with a real leather hat and is a great buy.
If you don't have a turkey feather, use one from a chicken or rip one off a feather duster. No one will ever know.


Le Petomane - how about the hat the singer is wearing in the video, you have one like it? Is there a name or brand the hat is known by?

A look back at some Griswold-style holiday light displays. Don't tell AOC...

man tom--Genuine leather hats can be shaped to suit. Amazon has a good selection, most from Mexico and they are very reasonable. Just take care buying the Australian Outback hats. They can contain venomous snakes or spiders, so open the box they come in with care.

Here is a source for hat feathers.

Wow, that is really cool, one would have never known such a market for hat feathers existed. I've really have to find a source to go into a store and try on hats. Like a large selection. I like some of these, but it is hard to picture what I look like wearing one. I would have to try the hat on first. See how I look. BTW, mrs man tom looks great in a hat. One year she put on a witch's hat, you know a pointy black witches hat, and took our kids trick or treating. mrs man tom is not very tall, about the height of a second grader. She came back laughing with a bag of candy. Folks thought she was a kid.

Hats are and interesting subject. I wore a baseball cap a lot when I was young. Anyone feel free to chime in with their hat suggestions.

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