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November 25, 2021


Florida Mom Pulls Giant Python Out of Car Wearing Flip Flops and Apron

(Thanks to Geoff Scot, who says "So...the Python was wearing flip flops?")

(Looks to this blog as though the car was wearing the flip flops.)


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I'd like to see the vid where she stuffs the turkey with it, so tursnaken recipe anyone?

The headline reminds me of a Groucho Marx joke.

"I once shot an elephant in my pajamas. How that elephant got in my pajamas, I'll never know."

I'd like to know how he tied his apron.

@ NC - Velcro?

No, the Blog was right. The car wa the one wearing the flip flops.

Hey, I read it wrong myself. I thought she pulled the python out of her Ear.

where have all the copy editors gone?
where have all the copy editors gone?
long time passing
gone to unemployment lines every one
oh, how will anyone ever learn?
now they will never learn
when will publishers ever learn?
long time passing
before they go broke every one?

There is nothing a mom in flip flops and an apron cannot do.

^5 to Le Petomane

Is this headline the kind of writing which the Blog was desperately trying to correct in a prior life attempting to teach grammar to business persons? The "enclosed you will find the included enclosure enclosed" days?

...or as they say today, "attached you will find the included attachment attached."

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