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November 27, 2021


Opinions divided after Melbourne council splashes $22k on bizarre sculpture as part of road safety grant

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Can't imagine why it isn't popular, since it seems to have a lot of appeal.

This statue would not appeal to residents of Flathead County. If you can't put ice cream, and chocolate sauce on it and call it a banana split, it's useless as tits on a turkey.


Laugh now but soon bananas may be just a memory:

If psychopaths didn't appreciate art, there would be no need to spend good money on things like this.

I would have expected this from a banana republic, but not from Australia.

Perhaps it's a warning sign implying: "Caution: Sidewalks are slippery when covered in banana peels!" ?

L.A. has a similar sculpture next to the 'Welcome to Beverly Hills' sign. Home Depot has one on back order.

man tom

You live in a very progressive state.

Things are so backwards here in Florida that when you pick things up at a store, they make you pay for them before exiting. How 1950s is that?

man tom--
How did your Black Friday shopping spree work out? For most of us who pay for stuff before we leave the store, did you look for flashing red lights in your rearview mirror out of habit or did the cops even show up? The other day I saw a guy get out of his low rider wearing baggy pants, a hoodie and a sweatshirt that read; "Give me progress or give me death." He was staring at his phone while texting and walked straight into a parking sign and flattened himself. (True story)

Is this a California example of progress? Inquiring minds...etc.

pharmaross - look, my '64!

Le petomane - Too funny, 'give me progress or give me death'. Ha!

I have a picture of what led up to the guy walking into the parking sign.

pharmaross - I painted the chrome grill and the back taillight panel of my '64 convertible black. I stenciled this on the rear window for effect. If your dad had seen my '64, He could have customized his to look just like mine.

My customized rear window.

Duct taping the damaged banana sculpture to a wall will make it far more valuable.

So the tourists MUST be thinking: "Is that a banana on their sidewalk or are they just THAT happy to see us?".

Key name that no one is making fun of yet:
If you can't trust TAC Road Safety Director Samantha Cockfield about a banana sculpture, who can you trust?

Key quote (at least for me):
"(It represents) this kind of idea about hubris or this overconfidence within western society and the way we've been drawn to excess and consumption," Mr Stone said.

Perhaps the banana sculpture deserves a plaque labeling it as the Stone-Cockfield Monument?

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