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November 25, 2021


Don't spend the day here.


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Happy Thanksgiving, Dave.

Same to you,Dave.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all
(Is there an echo here?)
BTW what do I do with all this cranberry sauce?

Gee, I once saw the Blog People open for the.....

Oh, never mind today. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Dave, and to the good people of this blog.

Why do I feel like I've been pardoned?

Oh, never mind.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

I couldn't possibly spend the day here. I have to light the charcoal in less than 5 hours to start cooking the bird.

What? Do you expect me to spend the day with my family?

I guess I’ll have to spend it with Hawkeye and the Beatles.

Watching a lot of cold, wet, pasty looking people huddled under ponchos and plastic as they watch my hometown Detroit Thanksgiving Parade in the rain.

A Motown tradition. My family would bundle up and trek downtown to watch the J.L. Hudson department store parade. Long underwear and hot chocolate kept us fortified against the weather. We'd grab a Lafayette Coney Island hotdog after the parade and then watch the Lions stumble on to another defeat before sinking our teeth into Mom's turkey feast.

Happy Thanksgiving to all from sunny and warm Florida.

Remembering Thanksgiving holiday trekking through waist deep snow drifts rabbit hunting with my Dad. The mild frostbite on my toes stung a lot. Luckily I still have my toes. At times, the hunting parties filled the bed of a pickup truck with rabbits. Deer hunting, sure. Someone got a wild turkey one year and my dad fixed it up over the campfire shortly after the feathers were removed. Best turkey EVER! I remember deer hunting walking down a ridge road with my uncle when the bullets started flying glancing around in the trees above our heads. We hit the dirt to get out of the line of fire. A guy, the son of a friend of my dad's, was firing at noises...us!

Nothing like that today. I'll be cooking up a meal later then suiting up to do a Smash and Grab downtown this evening. Have to find my sledge hammer and clear out the back of the van to put stuff. Big shopping day. Have a good one.

Great story man tom!

I'm thinking of flying out to L.A. to do my Christmas looting this year and save a few bucks on Rodeo Drive.

I'm sorry Dave, but I just can't do that.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from Le Petomane and the Roswell, New Mexico space aliens that want Lucy to get lots of leftovers.
Here is one of the aliens favorite Earth TV clips.


I got a good deal on a couple of turkeys that fell out of the back of a truck. Not saying much other than this year leftovers will be Peanut butter & Jelly turkey sandwiches.

Hmm... my first time cooking a bird... I pulled the turkey from the freezer on Sunday and it's still frozen... Good thing I've still got cocktail weenies and a Tombstone pizza in the freezer; that might be dinner tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving all!


And remember, the name for the contents of a can of cranberry sauce, when pushed out whole on a plate, is a "sploob".

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Thanks to Dave and all you crazy people for all the laughs (and some tears... Lucy, I'm looking at you!) that have kept me moving forward all these years, especially the last two.

Happy Thanksgiving to the comedy flock!

With God as my witness, I thought Paul Simon's Turkey Suit would go well with football and prolonged naps.

Please add my name to the list of distinguished commenters wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving on this thread.

Snork @mantom

WNET PBS New York Metrofocus Episode interview with Dave Barry starts at 9:05 into segment.

Thanks so much for posting the link to the interview, I thoroughly enjoyed watching.

Happy post Thanksgiving. Ate a lot of turkey. Just woke up. It's Friday, right?

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