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November 30, 2021


That guy wants this.

(Thanks to John Gregg and Gregory Snow)

Or if you want to spend a little more, this.

(Thanks to Steve K.)


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If I can get it with all the armament it came with originally, I'll scrape up a deposit right now.

The HOA is NOT gonna be happy about that.

Nobody's going to get me the Airbus as a gift, so I'm buying it for myself ONLY if they offer the Aristotle Onassis whale penis leather upholstery package. None of this vegan (or Corinthian) leather.

Is Jefferson Airplane the house band?

I was interested in the Airbus until I found out it didn't have an elevator.

Cup holders?

I would be verrry interested in purchasing this aircraft. First, I need to know if it comes complete with active weaponry. If it does, and they will accept cryptocurrency, I shall send my assistant, Igor, to take delivery forthwith.

" includes a retractable sun deck (that only opens when parked)"

well, drats.

Lard Handings, there wouldn't be an HOA left to be unhappy about it.

RodN: I say go for it! Even if there's an investigation after the fact I'm sure we can get Burt Macklin to spin the findings and focus all the blame on the toasters.

Oooh, I'd love to have a Scooter. If only I knew how to fly. And to make enough money to buy one.

Who here hasn't gotten bombed, at least once?

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