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November 06, 2021


3 former inmates allege Oklahoma jailers tortured them by playing the 'Baby Shark' song on repeat and are suing authorities for $75,000

(Thanks to Ed. Floden and pharmaross)


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Those terrorist bastards.

Any geezers who remember the 1961 movie 1-2-3 with Jimmy Cagney will remember the East Germans torturing Horst Buchholz with "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini."

Now get off my lawn.

Yesterday I could not get the tune, Live and Let Die, out of my head. Then at the end of the day I heard the song over the office speaker system. Hopefully today at work I hear something better to drive me insane. It will not be anything our new receptionist says because she is not here today. I am starting to get used to her voice, example here, which has created a whole new set of circumstances in regards to our listening habits around the office as well as our overall image. She, and her voice, have been relegated to Friday's and Saturday's behind the desk with her insistence of talking like a man when answering the phone.

Yesterday a female patient in a sweet voice remarked, "I liked the other girl better."


This is exactly why we have the death penalty.
Last week 30,000 people were locked inside of China's Disney World because someone had tested positive for Covid. My first thought was I sure hoped they'd turned off the song, "It's A Small World Afterall" while they were testing everyone because otherwise there would have been a riot.

Deja Vu

If the Oklahoma jailers had played "Copacabana" on repeat, they should have to pay the $75,000.

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