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October 15, 2021


A rare bird spotted in England turned out to be a seagull covered in curry

(Thanks to DaninDallas, who says "And it was delicious.")


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"Covered in Curry" WWBAGNFARB !

A new restaurant dish for select gourmets is born. Curried rara avis under glass. For those with smaller appetites, curried tern is recommended. If that doesn't satisfy the patron can order another, as we all know one good tern deserves another.

This could result in the newest food truck flavor fad currying favor at beaches everywhere.

Given all the junk I saw gulls eat when I lived in Galveston, there's no way I'd want to eat one, curried or not. Nasty birds.

Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital????

Only in England do the birds come pre-seasoned.

Was someone attempting to curry favor?

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