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October 18, 2021


Here's the most recent entry on the Nextdoor site for this blog's neighborhood:

Hello, does anyone know of capture and relocation services for crocodiles in the area? This one has been hanging out behind my house for about a week and I’m concerned because I have children and small dog.


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Just put a toilet in the yard.

Keep the crocodile. Keep an eye on the dog. Relocate the children.

Besides the Croc, there is a bothersome T-Rex going through my trash on trash day. I'm thinking of confronting him about it. Anyone have the number of who to contact before I destroy the punk?


FL Man

I heard about a guy with a rolling trash can who does pretty good work on short notice, but he only works with alligators and snakes.

I hate to tell them, but its a 99% chance its an aligator.....not a crocodile.

^5 LeDud

@LeDud - If you see it once in a while, it's a crocodile.
If you see it later, it's an alligator.

Are the children and dog going to harass the croc/gator, which is against the law in Florida? If not, what's the problem? You're in Florida. Your kids and dog are in far more danger from mosquito-borne diseases and politicians.

Has she considered getting the children pet pythons?

Why Florida is not like where you live... unless, of course, you live in Australia.

Alligators are legal to hunt in Florida. So, assuming a misidentification of the crocodile, turn that thing into boots and jerky!

If it is, in fact, a crocodile, then yes, it's time to relocate (the children at least).

Let the children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it unto the dogs.

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