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October 06, 2021


2,700-year-old toilet found in Jerusalem was a rare luxury

(Thanks to many people)


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Wait a minute..."Animal bones and pottery found in the septic tank could shed light on the lifestyle and diet of people living at that time"...they were eating bones and pottery?

The bones found in the septic tank were later identified a belonging to several species of venomous snakes. This confirms the theory that Israel and Australia were trading partners in earlier times. It also gives credence that the wealthier citizens of Jerusalem suffered from nervous bowel syndrome.

Even more scarce at the time were 2-ply rolls of papyrus.

When they jiggled the handle, it stopped running.

There was also a note to remember to put the seat down.

A very old Sears catalog written in Arabic was found nearby.

They probably didn't have to flush twice.

Was it a high-flow version imported from Canaan?

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