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October 24, 2021


Buzzards that vomit when threatened and leave piles of acidic dropping have invaded a small town and nobody knows why

(Thanks to Barry Nester)


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I believe Buzzards That Vomit opened for Ozzy.

A friend once hit a low flying turkey buzzard while driving down a highway in West Texas. The buzzard must have felt threatened going through the windshield of a pickup traveling 70MPH because that buzzard vomited, crapped and exploded leaving a hole in the passenger side seat and a stink that would likely cause any scavengers visiting the scene to puke. The truck was towed since there was a buzzard size hole in the windshield. The dealership tried detailing and cleanup with no noticeable success.
The deceased buzzard had been removed, but the stench remained intertwined with the entire truck, seemingly forever. The dealer sold the truck to a large auction company in Houston. Thankfully, nothing more was heard about the foul smelling pickup. My friend bought a new pickup and avoided buzzards like the IRS after that.

Perhaps something smells rotten, like maybe the power structure?

Is the town's " Movies in the Park " film series having a Pauley Shore retrospective ?

How about a remake of Hitchcock's THE BIRDS where instead of attacking humans they vomit on them ! Now THAT would be hard to watch.

I also leave a pile of acidic droppings when threatened, but I'm not a buzzard.

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