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October 12, 2021


Brit woman finds terrifying 4ft escaped python lurking in her toilet bowl at 5.30am

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Not the proper way to snake a toilet, so lid down people, lid down.

Why is it that no one ever finds a happy happy python swimming (not lurking) in a toilet - they can't all be terrifying pythons.

I get the whole, "Snakes .. why did it have to be snakes" because the line was originally "Clowns .. why did it have to be clowns?"

Defensive move training for when you are surprised by a toilet python...

In New Mexico and West Texas the headline would read:

"Woman drags 4ft. terrified python out of toilet."

Rattlesnake skins are common, but python skins make designer purses, wallets, shoes, etc. They sell at a premium in flea markets.

Terrifying to mice, maybe. That's a Ball Python (or Royal Python in the UK), and it looks like a pregnant female. Warm it up and give it a cuddle. Then find it a warm quiet place to incubate her eggs for a few months, for goodness snakes.

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