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October 13, 2021


653 Gana Fasola Street, Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria,


During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and verification
procedures to effect transfer of fund , we have detected a slight
error in your receiving information.

This might be due to either of the following reasons:

1. A recent change in your personal information .
2. Submitting a change of ownership/banking information by JIM TAMMY
who claimed that you are late and he is your Partner/heir apparent.

Please update and verify your information as you receive this message
so as to proceed with the remittance process within three banking

Yours Faithfully,
(Head, Banking Operations


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I've never seen a "Jim Tammy" claim but I bet they're a dime a Bakker's dozen.

Oh, that dastardly Jim Tammy. Will he stop at nothing to keep you from your funds?

They forgot to include the link where you can fix everything to their satisfaction.

So is Jim Tammy the real name of that Nigerian prince?

Simultaneous groan and ^5 to AmoebaStampede.

Ballad of Jim & Tammy

Is JIm Tammy any relation to this guy?

For you non-geezers, ask your grandparents.

Dear Dr. Peter Amaibe,
Thank you for the kind note. I invested everything I have in Jim Tammy's diamond mining venture in Nigeria. It was my understanding that he stepped on a cobra and all was lost. Please advance funds to my address at the homeless shelter below. I have no money for postage so please deduct the charges from Jim Tammy's funds. Your letter is very much appreciated as winter is coming on and I need to buy a warm coat. Thank you for your helping me in my present dire circumstances.

These spammed fishing emails spook me. I don't open them, won't forward them always delete them immediately.

Even when they appear to have no content there could be hidden links where dangerous malware lurks. Don't click inside the body of the email.

I always run a scan immediately if I happen to open one of these spam emails and wash my hands.

For enhanced verification of personal information please add your SSN, DOB, the square root of the number of dogs under your porch, and the number of Dave Barry books in your library.

wanderer2575: the groan makes my spirit Faye'd a little but the ^5 does makeup for it.

" Please update and verify your information "

First, send your GPS co-ordinates.

Missile Command

"Yours faithfully" ..?

@AmoebaStampede: Okay, now you're pushing it... :-)

Our internet savvy elderly relative who upon receiving this email notice would drive straight to the post office and say, "someone sent a message, I'm here to pick up it up."

You think I'm kidding?! The other day she informed us U.S. currency is worthless and has been replaced by Dong. When asked if she knew what Dong was she replied, "No."

Redeem Arab Tip
Radiate Mr Beep
Die bee rampart
Bad reaper item

Thanks to modern telephony and computerism I can share this transcript of a voice mail I received the other day:
"I can do you receive this message. You need to leave your work aside so that we can discuss about your case and take necessary action on this matter in order to connect federal agent, press one, and you should be connected to the concerned Department. If we don't hear from you, then we will be forced to take legal action against you press one and you will be connected to the concerned Department. "
The voice version is more dramatic. Sounds like the intro to an Atari 2600 video game.

Clankie may be closer to the truth than he imagines. I work for a hospital system. We've had several ransom ware attacks that did not go far. Some hospitals have had major systems encrypted which makes them useless/broken. One patient's family at a hacked hospital claimed their love one died due to medical records not being available. When hackers from other countries are responsible for killing Americans...what do you do. RELEASE THE HOUNDS! (or drones)

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