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October 15, 2021


'Even the port-a-potties are beautifully designed!' Bill Gates' daughter Jennifer, 25, has tents erected on her 124-acre property as she makes last minute preparations for extravagant wedding to millionaire equestrian Nayel Nassar

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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That website needs more popup windows.

Port-a-potties? I'm surprised she didn't have fully-plumbed brick-and-mortar restrooms constructed, and then torn out after the wedding.

With a little imaginative planning, Jeff Bezos could have given William Shatner a captain's commission and Captain Kirk could have married them in outer space. They would be just as married and, once they came back down, had more time to horse around.

Then, again, if that had happened we would never get to see what a 'Beautifully designed' port-a-pottie looks like.

Had to go with porta potties due to the cost overrun on the pre-nup. Major rewrite after mom and dad split. The attorney billing rates are astronomical. Gotta save money somewhere. You'll never fool these guests with canapes made from horsemeat.

Norman Nondisclosure---So having an Alpo truck parked behind the cook tent isn't a good idea?

Well, I really don't understand how or why, but this MUST be reducing global warming by a tremendous amount or they wouldn't be investing all this time and effort and money into it.

Le Petomane - You just can't let the guests get too close to the windowless building called the Abattoir. Equestrians could find it offensive.

So who designed them? Is there really an industry in luxury port-a-potty design?

I agree with wanderer; somebody with that many gajillion dollars you'd think would build permanent potties for the occasion.


Wedding Songs


Wedding Songs

When updating my machine this morning, I got this message.

Great news—your PC meets the minimum system requirements for a beautifully designed Windows 11 port-a-pottie. Specific timing for when it will be offered can vary as we get it ready for you.

Another Wedding Song

Any more good wedding songs???

There has to be a joke in here about Gates' port-a-potties featuring the Blue Water of Death, or something like that. :P

Jennifer's dad was great when he released this self-made promo titled, "If I could only look and sound more useful without glasses," you will love Windows ME.

I, for one, will never forget it.

A reprint of a Buchwald column where he was invited after being snubbed


Another way to dispose of any old America Online discs you may have lying around.

If you think the wedding is lavish, wait until you see what the divorce costs.

Willie make it? Betty don't.

So a princess married a pauper?

As George Carlin once said: "It's a big club, and you and I ain't in it."

And don't forget the late Norm McD's line about the world's richest man. ...It still makes him sad, and brings a tear to his eye, when he sees another person with even a LITTLE bit of money.

So, maybe Dave has gone to the wedding after all?

Johnny Carson was down to working only three days a week and scaled back from a 90-minute format to 60-minutes for the final 12-years of his career. Glad to still have Dave punching out a blog 'whenever', after such a long and successful run with his syndicated columns and prolific book publishing.

Here's the skinny on the "2nd wedding" this week for Jennifer Gates and her beau.

P.S. Carson also had 15 weeks of vacation annually as his contract called for 3 nights per week and working only 37 weeks per year.

At his career peak, Carson was knocking down $25-million per year, which is equivalent to about $40-million in today's currency.

I hope they liked the gravy boat I sent them.

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