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October 20, 2021


This is definitely not it.

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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We'd change the follow to swallow in Little in the Little Peggy March song.

lets try that again,
We'd change the 'follow' to 'swallow' in the Little Peggy March song.

Earworm overload!

As punishment for the omission, the guy should be forced to listen to (You're) Having My Baby on replay all afternoon.

I figured it would be a list of any & all Barry Manilow songs...

I'm shocked, shocked I say. Not a single mention of Slim Whitman's, I'm calling you, (Which saved earth in Mars attacks) or Cattle Call.

The question is whether to broadcast this as a continuous loop into space, to repel alien invasions. On the other hand, it may attract them, if only to make it stop.

Good (bad) list for the most part, but what is wrong with "Don't Say Nothing Bad About My Baby" by The Cookies? I consider it a semi-classic, especially compared with the rest of the list.

I agree. Where is "Copacabana" or "I Am (I Said)"?

The chair wants to know.

So basically, the music played at DMB for president rallies to unify and inspire the crowds of supporters?

Jeff: I'm a fan of the Cookies. I don't recall why that song is on the list -- I wrote that book LONG ago -- but not all the songs mentioned are there because they're bad. (He said, somewhat defensively.)

Dave, you forgot "Billy, Don't Be a Hero"

Michael: There are many more songs in the book than on this playlist.

And no one heard at all, not even the chair.

Yeah, some of these are pretty good, so this isn't a very good list.

Besides, it doesn't have "You Light Up My Life", so it could be far worse than it is.

"Seasons in the Sun" (Terry Jacks) gets my vote for the top dog.

Definitely a mixed bag. Many bad ones, but a healthy share are kinda good.

A couple of these have a redeeming feature - the late great Steve Goodman did an impromptu version live. He asked for a cowboy hat from the audience, but nobody had one. Somebody offered up a motocycle helmet, which he put on and started a medley of "Dead Girl Songs" like "Teen Angel", "Last Kiss", etc. It was hilarious, and clearly unplanned. One of the best singer/songwriters ever.

Here is a transcript of Steve Goodman's "Dead Girl Songs" performance:


Sounds like that was a painful project. Thanks for doing so I don't have to.

I'm not sure how you can include Jack Webb without also including William Shatner (Rocket Man) on that list.

Such a half-hearted list attempt! It needs to have:

* Leonard Nimoy (Bilbo Baggins)

* William Shatner (Anything he 'sang')

* Denis Leary (NSFW)

It's so healing to hear people refer to that chair in the Neil Diamond song. It was such a Thing when I was growing up. My dad played that song over and over, and sang that part very seriously, like it was such a deep thought.

I always wanted to point out that chairs ARE supportive, just in their own way.

Good Morning Starshine. I had spent years blocking that from my memory. Back to therapy.

Seems like "Dead Man's Curve" - Jan and Dean - should be in there.

One man's ear worm is another's fond memory. I'll admit, though, some of those want me to shoot the radio.

^5 to CB! You are among friends. :)

@Le Petomane - Fun Slim Whitman fact: Paul McCartney got the idea of playing bass left-handed after seeing a poster of Slim Whitman playing his guitar that way. Will wonders never cease.

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