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October 05, 2021


Monkey wanders into airport VIP lounge in India

(Thanks to Ralph and pharmaross)


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They later determined the monkey was a baggage handler at the airport.

He was looking for the other two wise monkeys, hear-no-evil & speak-no-evil, but ended up getting drunk with a priest & a rabbi. When he awoke the next morning he was circumcised and and had a tattoo of a Jesus fish.

A monkey wanders into a VIP lounge, takes a seat at the bar and orders a beer. The bartender brings him a beer and says,
"That'll be $10 dollars. You know we don't get many monkeys in here."

Monkey says, "At these prices I can see why."

I'll be here all week, remember to tip your server.

Who is the greatest baseball player ever ? ( Wait... That's a different joke. )

Well, if he wanted in the VIP lounge, he should have bought a first-class ticket.

In his defense, he heard the rumors that there was a lot of monkeying around going on at the VIP lounge.

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