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October 24, 2021


Members of Parliament (MPs) in Malawi are reported to use at least 10,000 condoms at the end of every month.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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At the end of the month?

What do they do the rest of the time?

"I'd like to return these."

"Just wait outside outside the door with them, I'll be right back."

@Jeff Meyerson

I believe in some circles it is called 'self gratification'.

Are these the Parliament Olympics?

They are busy inserting their 'at large caucus' into chambers where their members are present.

Reapportionment then occurs upon overrides and recess by the committee of the hole, with supplemental appropriations on the floor.

Here in Flathead County we ask: "What do you do with 365 used condoms?" The answer is: "You make a tire out of them and call it a Good Year."

But those politicians in Malawi are an impressive lot.

It's their time of the month, obviously.

Used for balloons at political rallies, no doubt.

Good one Flathead County Frank!

The key phrase is -

But her remarks angered the MPs who argued that people will think that they go to Parliament for sex.

‘We don’t need condoms. If we want sex, we can buy. We are not here for sex, we are here to represent the people and bring development to the people out there’, outspoken female Legislator Joy Chitsulo stated.

"We are here not for sex, but to screw the people, all the people out there, all the time, every time, every day"?

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