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October 06, 2021


Poor mental health may be the reason you’re breaking wind

(Thanks to Michael Parry)


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So....there are apparently many more people with their heads stuck up their rear ends than previously thought.

A poorly done bit of research. A professional fartiste can still make a good living at the art. To wit this article:


To smell farts requires a professional farter. They are not mentally ill, just...uh..different in their choice of professions. The Lume commercials confirm the opportunities are still out there.

Could reduced brain function just be a function of a lack of sufficient oxygen in this instance?

I blame global warming.

Breaking wind isn't good, but putting it back together is really hard.

I thought 'brain farts' were a normal part of aging.

pharmaross--Any farts you can't ignite are really fairly worthless.

"Having a high amount of these common intestinal symptoms is associated with higher levels of depression, anxiety and stress".
They seem to think that it's the mental issues that cause the gas. But it's the other way around! If you're suffering from pain and embarrassment and bad breath, of course you will feel anxious and depressed.

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