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October 11, 2021


Angry Students Burn Down School As Teachers Refused To Help Them To Cheat In WAEC Exams

(Thanks to pharmaross, who says "They also want to defund the PTA.")


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Suddenly I don't feel so bad about letting my rented apartment get dirty.

Then there is this.

That's just sad.

There is a link on the leftof the article:


I'm not clicking, but sounds intriguing.

That's a lot of hours of detention.

If any of these...uh, students make it to any college fraternity, they would make John Belushi in Animal House seem tame.


I believe this is the adjacent article you are referring to.

I am announcing a Fall Special for the aforementioned service. That's right ladies. I am offering 50% off of my normal rate for this customized maintenance check & tuneup. Yes friends, that's two noogies attended to for the price of one!!! Bumper to bumper chassis inspections with a lube are slightly more. Group discounts available. State and local taxes extra.

Learn by doing taken to the next level, but did they get the clot-shot?.

As prophesied by Alice Cooper and Pink Floyd.

As a former teacher I have to admire those students enthusiasm. My students wouldn't have bothered.

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