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October 19, 2021


Kanye West's name change to 'Ye'

(Thanks to MOTW and man tom)


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As in: "Ye, who enter here, abandon all hope"? So. good luck with all that, but on the plus side, Mercury is pretty much no longer in retrograde this year.

We hardly knew Ye.

Here Ye! Hear Ye!


That's 'cuz he's hangin' with "P" Diddy now.

Alas, poor Kanye, I knew him well, Horatio, he was a man of finite jest. We bore him on our backs from one society gig to another for no obvious gain to ourselves.

Now he is gone, Horatio, to be known to history only as Ye.
Will he become famous or his skull be fashioned into an ashtray?

We do not know or care, Horatio, for it is dawn and the opening of taverns. We leave Ye now for a tankard of ale and sausages.

I thank Ye, good sir.

Is this anybody we know ?

As in: "God rest Ye, merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay"?

"Ye Olde Crappe Shoppe"

Ye. Old.


I think the Mormon Tabernacle Choir just dropped 'O Come, All Ye Faithful' from its holiday playlist.

When he tries to do anything online and gets told that it can't be processed because both first and last names are required.

A 5* GROAN to North West. Well done!

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