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October 05, 2021


Israeli scientists think they know why men and women are constantly squabbling over the heating control or the air conditioning settings: evolution.

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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I keep the thermostat at work set at Meat Locker. I tell my team: Either they can put something on or I can take something off. Choose wisely.

This could be solved if Israeli scientists could spend their time inventing a heated toilet lid instead of thinking they know what the hell it is that women want, so try to evolve that.

I hate to complain but, I've always thought it was a little too cool here on this blog. How about bumping the thermostat up a little?

@w257: Sounds like nursecindy is about to make a choice.

This has always been a problem, especially when you have to adjust the comfort level in a cave.

https://www.wwlp.com/news/i-thought-i-was-going-to-die-kayaker-bitten-by-brown-recluse-spider-in-virginia/ ...So if you were worried about toilet snakes, how about unpacking holiday decorations with brown recluse spiders? Christmas is coming!

Since we're talking toilets,
2700 year old toilet found;


So the rock group FOREIGNER's song "SHE'S AS COLD AS ICE" is really a treatise on evolutionary patterns. Who knew ?

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