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October 25, 2021


79-year-old father accused of shooting son for playing guitar too long

Well In That Case: He allegedly said he was only trying to shoot the guitar but hit his son in the side of his stomach.

(Thanks to Gregory Snow)


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All I can say is don't fret about this.

Try playing smash hits...

Because everybody knows a decent guitar will stop a .38 round. That's why Batman always carried a Stratocaster.

This could have ended far worse if the kid had been playing an accordion.

He looks reasonable.

In the father's defense, the son was playing Copa Cabana.

This calls for a story of personal significance.

I was probably 11 years old when my sister received a kids musical organ for Xmas. We were at my grandmother's house in Bugtusstle, I had little to do, so I got my hands on the organ and started playing Silent Night while sitting on the sofa. I remember the sunken, ok soured, look on my grandmother's face when she walked into the room with my mother in tow. My mother said, "can you please stop playing that song over and over, you are giving her a headache."

To this day when I hear the song I think of the look of bewilderment on Grandmas's face. I was lucky that day she didn't just hit me over the head with her purse and shove me out the door like she did my aunt. Another memory of just how sweet Granny was.

*snork* at pharmaross. I think we may living in the past. Back at 'cha.

I have to work today with all these awful memories now at the surface.

Le Petomane - I'd like to point out, even worse than worse if a child's toy musical organ.

After playing the riff from "Smoke On the Water" for over an hour, he was sort of asking for it.

He allegedly said he was only trying to shoot the guitar but hit his son in the side of his stomach

Interestingly enough, that's where a lot of guitarists let their guitar hang. I'm shocked that the 1/8" to 1/4" spruce or plywood (assuming an acoustic guitar) couldn't stop a bullet.

Evil Mr M (bad guitarist)- This qualifies you for immediate consideration to become lead guitarist for the RBR's.

What the blog needs is a Zoom conference inviting all guitar playing blog members to participate in a 'Battle of the best bad guitar player'. We'll start with an around-the-horn try at Smoke on the Water. In anticipation, I'll be brushing up on intensifying the Master Gain my power chords. No Stairway, although I do a sometimes non annoying version during warm up.

I am the King of Bad Guitar Players. So far, after years of practice, I am totally unable to play like:

* James Taylor

* Eric Clapton

* Laurence Jubar (Lead guitarist for Wings)

* Dave Barry

I must be doing something wrong!

Has anyone checked the RBR's collection of musical instruments for bullet holes?

Pirateboy - I'd like to stop by and borrow your capo.

I am trying to learn to play the best capo assisted lick in R & R history. Capo seen at around 50 seconds in then throughout. This song should have been called, Mick the serial killer speaks out.

You can leave the capo under the flower pot. That'll be me around Midnight Ramblin' up to pick it up. If you can't find your capo, just leave your cap for me.

I arranged for my son to take guitar lessons when He was probably 11 years old. The only thing He ever learned, I swear this, was not a song, but to without hesitation when asked if He could play something/anything was to answer back, "does the song use a capo?"

When I asked the instructor how my my son was doing, He made a hopeless face and asked, "you know how to lay, how about I give you lessons?"


I bet you know how too play the guitar too.

What does your sex life have to do with your post above???

Do you play 'Layla'?

"lay" missing the letter "p".

For a long while Clapton was my favorite. I even bought a Pewter color signature Eric Clapton Stratocaster which I sold long ago. Holy cow! It was 20 years ago, but I sold mune for just under $1000.

The Clapton song I play best is a bitchin' great song from Cream. This one.


When I was living in a college dorm, I bought a guitar at a pawn shop and tried learning how to play it in the community room. When complaints stared coming if from neighbors blocks away about dogs howling, some sympathetic med students traded me a harmonica for my guitar. That was a bad idea, neighbors started threatening to storm the dorm some night with pitchforks and torches. To be kind, I gave up my music dreams and Mick Jaeger and Keith Richardson's reputations continued unchallenged. I truly contributed a lot to R & R.

Le Petomane your invited to the Zoom 'Battle'. Overqualification doesn't count.

Reminder: Bring cowbell.

man tom--Would a gut bucket qualify? I once played one when I set in on a talent contest in a small Arizona town tavern. I really appreciated all the fresh fruit and vegetables the audience sent my way.

Ah Ha! The Pewter Clapton Stratocaster!

The woman Clapton wrote the song about after stealing her from George Harrison. I have a unique relationship with Patty. Our ancestors were from the same castle many centuries ago. We kicked her out over the Harrison/Clapton affair. Paul was dead so He never crossed the moat, knocked on the giant castle doors and had the chance to ask,

Someone's knockin' at the door
Somebody's ringin' the bell
Someone's knockin' at the door
Somebody's ringin' the bell
Do me a favor,
Open the door and let me in

pharmaross - You know we had a gut bucket at the castle. Patty used it to bathe in. George and Eric used to fight, in their armor, who got dibbs on drinking it. Those bath sessions were inspirations for the Beatles line,

She came in through the bathroom window
Protected by a silver spoon
But now she sucks her thumb and wanders
By the banks of her own lagoon

You're in. Can you follow this?

man tom - Le Pet is the gut bucket master.

I sing some mean karaoke but sadly, I don't play a musical instrument.

I did play some Rolling Stones tunes on a kazoo at Michigan Stadium back in the 70s, to a warm reception in the student end zone section. Even the Michigan cheerleaders started dancing to my rendition of 'Brown Sugar'.

The Stones will no longer play Brown Sugar when performing a live concert. That is just crazy.

I'm too lazy to put new strings on my strat. I don't play as often as I once did. I collected guitars for a number of years. Took countless lessons over the years. I still rattle the windows in the neighborhood once in while with my Marshall amp. The closest I ever got to having a cheerleader follow me was when Sheeba the Iranian bar girl, next door said, "you're the greatest guitar player ever." Then she went out and bought a set of drums and drove everyone insane with the noise. If you have never heard a totally drunk Iranian 50 plus year old woman on heavy medication play the drums, you have not lived.

I hate to admit it, but Sheeba bought the drums hoping I would ask her if she wanted to form a band.

My Dad used to threaten to smash our g.d. stereo if we didn't turn down the jungle music in our bedroom. Just R&R and Motown music.

Conversely, my five brothers and I would vacate the premises when our parents turned on The Lawrence Welk Show.

Talkin' bout my generation.

Can anyone else on the planet play guitar like the great Glen Campbell?

Glen Campbell was a crazy great picker and a founding member of the Wrecking Crew group of studio musicians that backed all the R&R, Country & Classic great songs of the 60s & 70s.

Wrecking Crew

Glen Campbell couldn't even read music but played by ear. He'd listen to it once and he then would masterfully put his musical genius to work with his fingers. Glen was one of the greatest guitar players ever.

More Wrecking Crew background...

There's a great Wrecking Crew documentary on the AXS TV channel that is rerun frequently.

I just snapped this picture of my 1938 Martin 00-18. The picture is bad because it is dark in the room and I used what light was available.

My mother bought the Martin brand spanking new in 1938 for seventy-five dollars. The guitar is in pretty rough shape, but is still playable. I sent the serial number to C.F. Martin and Co, probably 30-odd years ago and the company confirmed the serial number, made in 1938. I still have the confirmation letter. All wood with ebony fretboard. Spruce top I would imagine? The top three frets have been replace 40 years ago, but other than that completely original. Never refinished. I started playing it when I was nine years old. My cousin used it at one time to play live on a Christian radio station on Sundays. I put in a lot of time on the Martin growing up.

When I decided I wanted to play guitar as a nine year old, my Dad played guitar and sang a little, I asked my Dad to write down some chords so I could learn. He worked nights, so I didn't see him all week. Sure enough when I got up in the next morning my Dad left a note pad on the kitchen table with the first position chord 'D' charted on the pad. So, all week I am playing the chord D. By the end of the week I am thinking, "I am an expert at playing 'D', I'm ready for more." So, when I see my Dad again I ask for him to write other chords saying I was real good at playing 'D'. He takes the note pad and folds the top page with the 'D' chord chart and under that page on the next two pages are 'C' and 'G' charted out. Thanks to my early discovery of other chords than 'D', I can pretty much scale these out by now.

A terrible picture I just took, but my Fender Auditorium cutaway Acoustic Electric. A cheap guitar but for the price you get a real Spruce top and Rosewood fretboard. These types of guitars can be astronomical cost for the real McCoy's. I owned a Gibson J-200 I think, over $2000. The guy I got it from owed me a lot and gave it to me as payment before he closed the doors on his guitar shop. I did have a guy who could play Stairway pretty well set up my Auditorium years ago, so it plays pretty well and sounds like Neil Young is playing it when Neil stays in first position most of the time and puts down the Paul.

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