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October 18, 2021


How Mathematics Helps You To Find The Best Porta Potty

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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Most people are mathematically illiterate after 5 beers.

I guess it all boils down to DEPENDS.

LeDud--You are so correct. After a few good beers, even Albert Einstein would have soiled his pants before deciphering this mathematical enigma. E=MC2 was a snap compared to porta-potty math.

I’m impressed by the elegant use of probability theory in the blog today. But Murphy’s Law says that your bathroom emergency will occur when there is exactly 1 port-a-potty available, and it will be the one last used by an elephant with explosive diarrhea.

I believe the time trusted formula is: "The torque of the dork is proportional to the inverse of the square of the angle of the dangle".

Until you open the door of a porta-potty it's a lot like Schrodinger's cat.

cfjk---How true. If Shrodinger's cat was shut in a porta-potty, it would have been exposed to multiple "explosions" and once released, the cat would be loaded with screaming entropy and moving fast enough to experience multiverses.

I believe the moral here is Shrodinger should never have had a cat.

If you read their solution, it depends on the potties being arrainged from cleanest to funkiest.
In which case, the answer's kinda obvious.
(My solution is, which one can I get to quickest. But that's me.)

" if there are 100 toilets at a music concert, you must peek inside 37 of them "

How many can you peek inside without fainting from the stench ? Let math figure that out.

Ed on Texas, it was just an example. The math works even where you don't know.

I did note that they assumed you were drinking Pepsi and not beer in the article. As pointed out above, beer changes the calculations and makes them almost impossible to figure. I'm with ed in texas- which one is open and available and I'll take my chances.

I have to pick from potty number 1, potty number 2, or potty number 3? I never heard Monty Hall offer that choice.

How does this one fit into the equation?

Porta Potty.

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