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October 12, 2021


With NASA partnership, Orlando begins planning for air taxis, flying cars

(Thanks to Maryann)


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So now we know flying taxi fare between Cocoa Beach & Orlando will be about a million dollars per ton mile? Thanks, NASA.

This is another article the Roswell, New Mexico aliens commented on. They claim it would be more cost effective in the long term to develop teleportation stations. They are instantaneous and cheap to operate. But care must be taken to keep flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other insects out of the sending stations to prevent "undesirable" problems.

It's nice to hear from Tony. I've been wondering what he was up to.

@ Clankie: I think I read a quote attributed to Tony that read\: "we're about to enter the dawn of a new age".

This guy is already in training to be a Flying Florida Senior Air Taxi Pilot. Hopefully he masters the turn signals.

Extra-strength Depends in his flight suit for re-entry.

Clankie---We here in Flathead County are relieved that Tony is still about. We thought the lake monster had gotten him. But possibly it could have been a different Tony.

@Le Petomane - And who can forget the pitiful wail from the flight deck in the Star Trek episode where they are having trouble with the transporter...”Oh no! They’re forming!”

Owners of Orlando mortuaries are elated because business will quickly pick up.

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