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October 12, 2021


A man who was tired of his wife’s “complaining” about the view from their home has built a rotating house that can spin as she wishes.

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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"As you wish," said her husband. And Princess Buttercup and Westley lived happily ever after all the days of their lives.

At its fastest, it can make a full circle in 22 seconds.

That's one way to deal with dinner guests who don't take the hint that it's time to leave.

I've seen something similar on the internet that's a bird feeder that ejects unwanted squirrels.

The Roswell, New Mexico space aliens were shown this article here in the Geezer Acres clubhouse. Their response was: "Get back with us when they build a house that can rotate off it's base and go to warp speed in 22 seconds."

Brilliant! Think of the possibilities. When it sees a salesman or in-laws coming, the house can just go into evasive rotation. You can't knock on a front door you can't find!

A new house for her. That's nice. I assume he's remaining in the old house.

Sounds like somebody got a good deal on a used merry-go-round.

So if you get so drunk the world is spinning around, and somebody sets the house to the 22-second speed, does that mean everything will look normal?

Her husband spends his days doing this...

My only question is, how does the plumbing work? Unless the pipes are right at the center and the center doesn't spin, won't the toilet and the drain pipe only be loosely associated when the house happens to spin them together? And please, don't flush when it's in high gear!

@CR: Plumbing would nor be required if you installed a grab bar at the edge and just squatted butt-side out centrifugal force would take care of the rest, (or is it centripetal, one of those two). Also. there won't be any toilet snake issues.

@cfjk: Ah, yes! Had not thought of that possibility. Not sure I’d want to be the neighbors…

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