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October 13, 2021


Boca Raton resident Chivan Stanley allegedly told police that the reason one tire of her 2012 Hyundai was on a rim, another tire was missing and her driver side mirror was broken off was because “it might have blown up.”

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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In her defense, the Hyundai is known for being very effective with only two functional tires.

We have replaced more than three and fewer than ten mirrors over the years without the involvement of alcohol.

I'm guessing the officer is taking a creative writing class. He's got quite the little narrative going there.

In addition, she appeared to be flummoxed.

Those terrorist BASTARDS!!

Police wrote that Stanley was “obnoxious, talkative, aggressive, interruptive, repetitive, resisting, argumentative, and belligerent.”

The officer has obviously been studying his "365 New Words a Year" calendar. Get him a guest gig writing the Flathead Beacon police blotter.

The arresting deputy wrote that aside from claiming to be afraid her car was blowing up, Ms. Stanly was obnoxious, talkative, aggressive, interruptive, repetitive, resisting, argumentative, and belligerent.

We can assume the deputy hasn't met many women in singles bars.

It might have blown up. Sure lady.

"One tire of her 2012 Hyundai was on a rim"

Her attorney obviously has a rock-solid case, since all tires have to be on a rim.

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