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October 17, 2021


Alleged links to an anal acupuncturist and a Rasputin-like preacher could prove damaging for a conservative politician hoping to become South Korea’s next president.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Anal acupuncturist? DO I even want to know what that is?

Why is letting someone use Uranus for a pin-cushion considered a superstitious practice, although they do claim that politics makes for strange bedfellows.

Anal Acupuncturist WBAGNFARB.

Yoon (rhymes with moon) Seok-Youl is an UNLICENSED anal acupuncturist. Now if he only was a licensed anal acupuncturist this story would have a better uh---ending. It is rather disconcerting he had the word, "Wang" inscribed in the palm of his hand. Gee I wonder why?

Sounds like it would take your mind off your troubles.

Needles and Pins

I suppose if it was bleached first, he could honestly deny being pinned on the dark side of the moon, as any true conservative administration would & should. But that aside, the presidential debates might be the funniest thing on this side of Uranus.

Going to an anal acupuncturist doesn't sound like the right place to receive a "happy ending".

The alleged links to an anal acupuncturist is nothing more than innuendo.

The actual headline now reads:
"South Korean presidential debate hits rock bottom as Yoon Seok-youl probed over anal acupuncturist and Rasputin-like preacher"

We'll see how deep this probing goes.

Yoon Seok-You's colleagues however did agree with Seok-You's assessment The Rolling Stones are nothing more than a Blues cover band in spite of Paul's, who is dead, continued affiliation with Yoko Ono.

If you listen carefully, Seok-You, pronounced suck you, is mentioned in this nothing-more-than a Blues cover band song.

Is “anal acupuncturist “ a euphemism? NTTAWWT

I'm wondering what role the anus plays in acupuncture.
Tool or target?
Cuz' if its the tool, this guy is really good.

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