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October 14, 2021


Unfortunate moment bride bats ball straight into new husband's groin caught on camera

(Thanks to Ralph and pharmaross)

Note that she then runs the bases with little apparent concern for her spouse.


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Shoddy reporting. Were there men on base?

And on the plus side, he's now conditioned and ready for their first gender reveal stunt.

Reading 'foreshadowing' I was forced into 'the reading Dave Barry forced reaction' an inner thundering non-stop, relentless inner chuckle effecting most muscles in the body for an extended period of time, sometimes days.

Up for suggestions on a proper name for 'The Dave Barry Chuckle'.

In England, an accident like this is referred to as 'Wiffled Balls"

Within a year expect to see the guy in this situation. She'll still be running around with bat in hand shouting, "want more you insect...and don't touch me."

A wedding and a vasectomy. This sounds like an old SNL skit back when they were funny.

Perhaps the headline should read: "New bride finally gets to home base as she tries to save shaky marriage with DIY penis & scrotum enlargement technique, known as something borrowed, something black&blue".

My D*ck Hurts

Somebody needs to notify Cooperstown. I doubt there's ever been an inside-the-park home run that ricocheted off the pitcher.

If there is a better recruiting advertisement for the French Foreign Legion, I haven't seen it. I'm told sub-Saharan Africa is lovely this time of year.

Years from now they'll be sitting around the old TV with their adopted children, watching a tape of this, and they'll laugh and laugh!

Snorks to wanderer and nursecindy!

She would immediately fit into the Marlins' starting lineup.

5-STAR Snork to pharmaross.

That song makes me really empathize.

Worst case scenario for the groom.

Ruined her own wedding night.

I bet the bouquet toss was brutal.

Did she kiss it and make it better?

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