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October 06, 2021


Florida State Troopers seen chasing elderly man riding scooter on Turnpike in viral video

(Thanks to Ralph and pharmaross)


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I'm guessing the scooter has a big block hemi.

This is not an exclusively Florida phenomenon. I've seen it more than a few times here in Texas.

Although not on a turnpike. So did the guy have enough money for the toll?

Every mall cop with a Segway within a 50-mile radius was called in to assist.

Anyone seen the Blues Brothers of late? Given that it's Florida it sounds like Jake and Elwood might be on another mission from god.

Go gramps go
runnin' down a highway
On a scooter named flash
a six pack of Bud Light and bottle of Jack
Then the fuzz got on his back
Gramps thought real fast
The getaway had been a blast
but his fun couldn't last
He blamed it on senility
the cops bought his story real fast
tomorrow he would have a fresh bottle of Jack
and a new highway he would attack
runnin' down another road tryin' to lighten
his retirement home load

But did he have his left turn signal on?

Would you like to know the difference between CA and FL had this guy been riding down the Freeway out here? In CA, He would have been hit six times, four of the times intentionally, before CHP were notified. He would have been drug over 100 feet each time by the other two license-less drivers. None of them bothered to pull over. Oh, He was identified as a homeless guy seen earlier pouring bleach in the cooler at Ralphs.

You'd think it would be tough for cops on scooters to catch anyone, even the elderly.

Rockin' Down The Highway

I recommend the movie "Roadhouse" as well as anything from this unique stylist blind guitarist, Jeff Healey.

WARNING: Really stupid violent scenes.

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