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October 12, 2021


Central Florida man wielding sword sets fire in roadway, floods booking office after arrest

(Thanks to Jane Linderman)


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He looks nice.

He looks like the model for a George Woodbridge illustration from an old edition of MAD Magazine.

Is that the same booking office Barry Manilow uses for his Las Vegas gig?

From the man's mugshot and description, he is possibly still celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Key quote:
Deputies found Taylor by the flames holding a sword and a bottle of Captain Morgan’s rum, with a knife strapped to his belt. Taylor was unable to give deputies an answer as to why he started the fire, but chugged the rum bottle during the interview.

Arr, me hearty. Yer photo says ye'll be swabbing some poop decks fer awhile.


Perhaps he's just another accidental time-travelling pirate consumed by the Bermuda Triangle and misdirected by the after effects of the Philadelphia Experiment?

He seeks inclusion. And what do we do? We exclude him. I bet if you give him a bottle of rum, you'd be his friend forever.

Jeff Meyerson - not at all like a meth-head, huh?

Perhaps he was just inspired by Billy Joel?

I see my earlier comment was relinquished to the 'no comment' classification and was not posted.

This Florida Man story set to music.


Equal to my,


Florida has finally become weird enough that each region can have its own version of Florida Man.

Fire? Fire is good.

And then he tried to put the fire out while at the police station. Guy just can’t get a break.

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