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October 13, 2021


Here's a Wall Street Journal article devoted to the topic of whether you should part your hair on the side or in the middle.


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Does this mean that now many occupants of the geezer bus will claim that they're not bald, the just have a very wide, and fashionable part that makes them appear much younger?

I favor the "just woke up under a bridge" look, so aptly described by the late Anthony Bourdain.

Speaking of fashion shows, aren't we about due for some photos of the autumn designer collections?

I'm afraid that ship has long since sailed (along with our hair).

Millenials vs. Gen-Z? Feh. A plague on both your houses.

Anybody notice the author's picture shows her with a side part? She must have been feeling a little inadequate, and wrote this as a result.

These lame TikTok middle part baddies fashion promoters obviously know nothing about 70's hairstyle, no-part Doo's or how to accent your Doo with a bracelet.

The crazy times and the young people of the 60's who experienced those turbulent times, hippies and the like, would like to say to Gen-Z, "you win."

My hair started out as Amazon rain Forrest, then became Bikini Atoll and now it's becoming Sierra Desert.

It's good to know that we can look to the Wall Street Journal for the latest in hip fashion advice.

I dunno about that Jim, it appears that they've made absolutely no mention of the mullet in the article, from what I can see.

I grew up when a little dab of Brylcream will do you or Get Wildroot cream oil, Charlie were B&W TV commercials.

And the Wall Street Journal was a reliable and respected financial newspaper. Nowadays I can't even remember if I joined the Hair Club for Men or not.

Regarding the picture of Kate Moss in the WSJ article:

Okay, I understand the teardrops means that she's killed two people, but what's the other symbol towards the center?

For many years I parted on the left but now the part is right down the middle and about four inches wide.

They talk about head hair, right?


Once again, a missed opportunity for Vanity Fair. Do we need to send someone over there to see if they're still in business? Are there deer standing around outside the abandoned building?

Yeah,i am very soncnereneda botu teh WSJ declationionaobut my hiar parting choices, or concnered what a different, stupider, generation feels aobut my hairstyle. Uh, huh

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