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October 05, 2021


Police find wanted man hiding under a blanket with his feet sticking out

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Well, if the police were looking for a man hiding under a blanket with his feet sticking out, it does appear that they have found one.

He was under a blanket in a cupboard. It's almost as if the police had experience opening doors to cupboards when searching for a perp.

Decades ago, his mum told him he was really good at hide-and-seek, and he believed her. Now he must question everything else she told him.

I posted this some days ago. Some of you may not have realized this. There is a guy inside the box. He makes the guy hiding under the blanket look, well, well educated in comparison.

Writer's enhancement. The camera view is from atop my back entrance to the office. I noticed the large box behind my back door while viewing my security cameras online at home. I thought maybe UPS had delivered something and left the box there, so I drove to the office to check it out. I probably should have replayed the video, but chose to just drive there instead, something had to be done if a delivery had been made. The guy had drug large boxes from next door where they had installed some new cabinets and left the empty boxes on their lot. I arrived and walked over and drug the first large box back to the neighbor's lot. The video is when I walked back to drag the second box. I can't imagine what I would have done had the guy not stuck his head out of the box before I grabbed it and begun to drag it away.

I'm sure many of you have had this happen to you.

For comedic effect only.

Arriving with his box.

Leaving with his box after He popped his head out of the closed lid when I approached and He stepped out.

And it would have worked if somebody hadn't opened that door.

A voice from the blanket saying. "Officer, those aren't my feet." Didn't work out well for the perp.

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