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October 06, 2021


Lume Deodorant

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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We were promised flying cars. We get...this?

Does this imply that social distancing is officially over?

Wasn't Lume Deodorant being marketed in the ancient city of Sodom? Well, this was just before the place exploded and survivors turned into pillars of salt. Scientists are planning a study to find if there was any connection.

Uh, if they turned into pillars of salt, they weren't exactly survivors.

What about sergeants and the other NCOs?

Back when commercials were less stupid and more effective when addressing the idea that, "your privates go everywhere you go."

I *LIKE* her!...

Not sure why she keeps calling me "Jeremy", though.

TMI - I started using Lume back when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and they harvested several lymph nodes. It works and very well.

Recommend for men bloggers. For women if you want to attract the guy who wants a turbocharged dual exhaust Mustang.

For those of us seeking compliments like: "The smell of Uranus is simply out of this world", or "And they say the moon smells like burnt meat, they're wrong".

The Lume French Musical commercial was what got my attention.

Another Option...

I use Lume and it works.


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