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September 14, 2021


 Lab-grown woolly mammoths could walk the Earth in six years if geneticist’s new start-up succeeds

(Thanks to Alkali Bill, The Perts and Jeff from Pittsburgh)


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Can they re-attach Walt Disney's frozen head to one of the wooly mammoth bodies, 'cuz that MIGHT be fun.

I think Mr. Lamm is trying to fleece the investors and is pulling the wool over their eyes.

There is scant evidence that the return of the wooly mammoths would solve the methane problems. Some caveman writings have been found to indicate the opposite.

One has been translated: "Not good be in same canyon with big wooly when break wind."

Another reads: "Not good light fire after wooly thing make big stink."

6 years for a wooly mammoth? How long for a mastodon?

If they're going to walk the whole earth in 6 yrs they'll have yo learn to swim.

Just 6 years to; sounds familiar.

Mammoths did not live on wet tundra — they would sink in. Their dry habitat, called the Mammoth Steppe, no longer exists post ice-age. This is a Pleistocene Park type of publicity stunt, not an environmental solution. And the animal would be an Elephant-Mammoth hybrid without any Mammoth social social knowledge, not a true Mammoth.

But investors know people like having the wool pulled over their eyes.

Life finds a way…

That's going to be one very expensive cheeseburger when all is said and done.

Well bully, bring the cave man back too, not the ones that are around today, but one from the days of the woolly mammoth.

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