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September 14, 2021


Experts admit there's no evidence the erogenous zone said to give women powerful orgasms actually exists

(Thanks to Roberto)


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I think I found it!

I should never have retired from science: there's so much more research to do!

I'm guessing they're talking to the wrong experts, of course the same can be said of dark energy, dark matter and black holes, but it doesn't keep them from more NSF grant money, (but we'll save debunking AMG for another time).

Men have long been able, under proper conditions, to locate women's erroneous zones. The mythical erogenous zone, however, remains as elusive as bigfoot in spite of decades of research.

Male scientists are presently trying to garner $2.4 billion dollars in grant money to establish a research station in the Virgin Islands. They realize they need to start over as their efforts so far have been unsuccessful.

Researchers have previously described the anatomical evidence of a G-spot 'scant, insufficient and weak'.

These previous researchers are obviously a bunch of uninformed idiots incapable of understanding previously filmed 'solid, logical and conclusive evidence' of a G-spot being anatomically explained as located near the G I Gicky Joe.

Expert definition:
EX - a has been
(s)pert - a drip under presser
A expert is a has been drip under pressure.

We just need to find the "Ferrari" spot.

Nothing can reveal the location of the erogenous zone faster than a BIG!, ...FAT!, ...WALLET!

Turn off your targeting computer and use The Force.

Not to be sexist, but perhaps the researchers should not have been all men.

I wonder how many volunteers signed up for this?

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