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September 13, 2021


Woman screamed so loud at spider that five police officers turned up on her doorstep

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Miss Muffet needs to renew her Prozac prescription.

But she was really hoping for Spider-Man.

While the police were distracted with the spider, guess who raided their squad car and nibbled all their doughnuts?

Luckily the noise ordinances weren't being enforced or they would have had to have splayed her her own doorstep before they hauled her off in cuffs. Hopefully, somebody would have accidently stepped on the spider in the process. Someone get her a fly swatter, please.

Wait... you mean this wasn't in Australia?

The trouble started when the woman called emergency services and said she had been bitten by a spider and asked what to do. The operator told her to go online and identify what kind of spider it was that bit her. Then the distraught woman started yelling, "Where do I look you flaming idiot? A spider bit me!"
The operator was miffed by the callers attitude and said.

"Check out Web MD."

That was when the screaming started.

Of course, an Australian woman would barely have noticed. Or cared.

If she'd been a man she would have acted sensibly and set the house on fire.

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