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September 11, 2021


We're on location in the Midwest, where there is a great deal of agriculture.


But there is also industry. At least we think that's what this is.


The real reason we're here, though is to march with the World Famous Lawn Rangers precision lawnmower and broom marching unit. Here we are enjoying a refreshing post-parade beverage with our precision lawnmower, EMBEDDED REPORTER. Next to us is a mower representing the Sharknado theme.


Many celebrities are here in Arcola, including the original cast of Ghostbusters.



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You are obviously an embedded reporter that is out-standing in his field!

The Old Goats Hard Goods Clinic in Widaho appears not to have benefitted you.

Hopefully the Sukup Clinic is of some value. They probably carry vacuum pumps.

Glad you made it to the Middle Coast! It must have been tough pushing all those lawn mowers. I'm very impressed you were able to get the Embedded Reporter lawn mower through TSA.

It's amazing how difficult it is to distinguish Dave from the locals after his having imbibed all that agri-culture. Are we to assume this is the kickoff of the 2024 campaign?

Field of Memes

Sweep dreams are made of these.
Who am I to disagree?
Dave's traveled to Widaho and the Florida Keys.
Everybody's looking for the Arcola Broomcorn Festival.

Hey, pharmaross! That’s our local paper!!

Isn't Sukup where they make the cough drops? Maybe they'll let Dave blow one of those humongous trumpets. & why did they name the town to honor what a pirate says after he has a hearty sip of cola?

Seeing Dave on location again makes me so happy.

The competition.

Dave, I don't know if this applies to lawnmowers, but better safe than sorry:


@IND It's my understanding the blog has a strict "Avoid bad vibes" policy, especially so while on those mini sabbaticals he's so fond of taking.

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