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September 23, 2021


The great tarantula migration is underway in Colorado

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Love always finds a way.

This is nothing. Back in the 50's, you had the great land crab migration every year on Old Cutler Road.

Just tell me which way they're going. I'll go the other way.

We used to go to the Unique Vermin Event before they started doing Burning Man.

Growing up in Colorado no one needed to be told when the tarantula migration started. The sounds of girls screaming was enough of a hint. Many of my schoolmates used to catch one and walk around with it perched on their shoulder like a pirate carries a parrot.

I, however, went more into stuffing a tarantula or two into a teacher's desk drawer or a girls locker. Only a few of us were ever bitten. My first time being bitten was memorable. After waiting to die for a while, I realized what everyone said about tarantulas was true. They are basically harmless. Mostly an itchy red spot was all the damage done.

Looking back on those days, I realized that today the police would evacuate the school along with a six block radius until some spider catch and remove unit showed up.
Fun times in the High Rockies had a different meaning back then.

C'mon, man!

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