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September 14, 2021


Bud Light rolls out pumpkin spice hard seltzer

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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That headline makes my head hurt. Bud is not beer anyway, but this is what happens when Bud marketing thinks they have an epiphany.

Many of us believe that Texas will rush through a bill making possession or consumption of Bud Light Pumpkin Spice Hard Seltzer a hanging offense.

I wonder is they took this into consideration for the Vegan Men thing ? ( See important blog post above )

So it's unflavored water with "spice" added?

What MOTW said. I saw this on the news last night and knew that John Oliver was banging his head on the table.

How soon before the great state of Texas makes it the official method of execution?

Vegan men are reaching for this when they consume too much Bud Light Pumpkin Spice Hard Seltzer.

How Hard, we wouldn't do that. After all, it would constitute torture. Besides, we'd use something that would go faster and more smoothly. So we could get back to drinking real beer.

So how 'bout shipping it to Gitmo to use in BL-pumpkin-spice hard-cider-boarding? I bet they'd sing like drunkin' canaries.

Killing with torture is required here.

"He who controls the Pumpkin Spice, controls the universe!"

It's gonna be a bummer having to spit out the seeds.

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