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September 27, 2021


Phuket man finds 30 million baht surprise “whale poop” on beach

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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I thought it was whale vomit? Either way, that may explain why some of those guys who worked for state highway department and dynamited that whale in the north-west may have taken early retirement.

This guy handed over something worth a lot of money to be analyzed. Assuming it doesn't go "missing" and he gets it all (or at least some) of it back - Where the heck does he sell something like that? Ebay? Wheeeew-Bay? Local Pawn Shop? ("Usually, $100. For you, $200.")

Somehow, giving a lady a bottle of refined whale poop perfume doesn't seem like a good idea.

Who DOESN'T want to smell like a dead whale on a beach in July?

Oh sure, a whale poops on the beach and it's 30 million baht. But my dog poops on the beach, and here comes the beach patrol!

If the Thai authorities don't return his prized poop, he'll really be Phuket-over.

This morning an elderly Vietnamese fisherman using a stick to navigate his rickety, dry-rotted wooded fishing boat to the shoreline where the stuff was originally found stated through his toothless gums with torn straw hat placed strategically atop his head, He had leathered sun tanned skin too, "I have extensive Dong in my pant, want to buy."

"When the curious man took a closer look and poked at the giant lump, he said an oily and honey-like material stuck to his finger."

Three weeks later a baby alien erupted from his chest.

That should read "whale Poohp".

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