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September 22, 2021


Hey, South Florida, Look Before You Sit! Beware Of Iguanas In The Toilet!

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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And to think that just a few years ago the biggest reptilian threat in all of South Florida was not the gators or the iguanas but the lounge lizards.

Iguana have some privacy here!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, a tail of two sh*tt*is best describes the situation when a second iguana was discovered in the powder room.

The pythons aren't going to like this impingement on their territory.

"I kept flushing, but it wouldn't flush down!"
No sh!t, Sheila! No - literally - the sight of an iguana in the toilet instantly causes sphincters to clamp shut.

12 gauge, then the 'stick trick'. You're welcome Hollywood.

I think the next time (if ever) that it gets cold enough for the iguanas to fall out of trees, everyone with a pickup truck in South Florida should drive around and gather them up, and then send them to a dog-food factory somewhere.

Buck up Florida folks. Here in the Southwest we have rattlesnakes in our toilets to contend with. Keep in mind that in toilet water, no one can hear them rattle.

I told you guys not to laugh about toilet snakes. God will punish you.

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