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September 27, 2021


‘Shaman’ charged with starting California wildfire after allegedly boiling bear urine

(Thanks to Chris Elzi)


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Nothing compares to the smell of bear urine syrup on a stack of flap-jacks in the morning campfire.

How, pray tell, did she procure said bear urine? Where did she get the recipe for bear urine soup? What was the bear's role in this beyond being the source of the key ingredient? How did she handle the smell?

So many questions....

She looks like a pretty good tennis player.

The shaman must have used some powerful peyote to get a bear to pee in a bucket.

Rod, I'm guessing that bears have to pass drug tests to stay in the wild. Lots of urine floating about.

Can also be served cold with a spring of poison ivy.


@Cheesy Drinking hot bear urine syrup or drinking from a spring of poison ivy would have been a pretty tough call, but either way we're gonna need a lot more bourbon.

Yet another doctoral candidate who cracked under the pressure. Sounds like she might be trying to build a case to switch fields to anthropology or psych.

"Shaman?" Did they intentionally misgender this person?

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