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September 26, 2021


Caiman Islands snorkeler follows squid to man's lost wedding ring

(Thanks to Le Petomane, who says “The snorkeler said that was a good squid and the fried calamari was excellent.”)


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Didn't Squid to Man split up after Woodstock?

That was Glenda, the good squid. If it had been the wicked squid of the west, things would have ended differently.

Sounds like a good calamari dish.

Squid pro quo.

I have raced small sailboats on Galveston Bay and in the Cayman Islands. At the former, we had to stop people from walking out on the water, which looks pretty much like the land. At the latter, you can see the bottom all the way down. Don't see why you need the squid, just look around down there.

I had calamari once, chewy and had no taste;
had alligator tail, tasted like mud, had fried oysters, tasted like gritty sand. I'll stick to turf, not surf, thank you.

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