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September 28, 2021


A Danish museum lent an artist $84,000 for his work. He kept the cash and named the art ‘Take the Money and Run.’

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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The least that artist could have done is paint a money bag with wings on each of the two canvases. The museum wouldn't have a legal leg to stand on.

They can easily double their money at Miami Basel.

Apparently, the artist confused 'behest' and 'be heist'

Would that be Performance Art or Nonperformance Art?

The creativity of artists nowadays is stunning.

“Why do I not make a work that is about my own work situation?” he said.

I don't understand artists who make such a statement.

In his defense, he started with a Jackson Pollock and then painted the entire canvass white.

The greatest tribute to The Steve Miller Band EVAH!

Performance art at its finest.

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