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September 29, 2021


Officers raid 'drug house' to find two centrally-heated guinea pigs

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I have to ask: Just how do you install central-heating in a guinea pig?

Sounds like an honest mistake to me. Most likely an undercover cop running a sting operation overheard a John say that guy has two pigs chained up in his garage and he's got heat. Naturally they thought that two of their brethren were being held in a hostage situation, hence the large response.

In some parts of South America, "centrally-heated guinea pigs" would refer to supper cooking on a spit.

So they are flying overhead with thermal scanners? Thanks for the tip!

You can take my centrally-heated guinea pig from my cold stiff hands.....

This has me more angry than laughing.

Sounds like the same idiots who yesterday had attached a lock at the street to our city water supply line because the neighboring building's owner had requested his water be shut down until a new tenant had it turned back on. Idiots from the city were scrambled about everywhere attempting to find the employee who had the key to unlock our water supply.

When centrally-heated guinea pigs are outlawed, only outlaws will have centrally-heated guinea pigs.

No word yet on African or European centrally-heated guinea pigs.

Adolescents usually start out casually using external centrally-heated guinea pigs in their teenage years, and then advance to the internal hard use of gerbils as they seek a more intense euphoria.

I have a feeling I'll get fired if I follow pharmaross's link.....

Perhaps the Guinea pigs had the dope.

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