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September 12, 2021


A Once-In-A-Century Solar Superstorm That Could Shut Down The World’s Internet Might Be Coming Sooner Than You Think

(Thanks to The Perts)


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If you press "control" & "alt" & "delete" simultaneously and then reboot, it won't really make that much difference, but the customer support people in India will be laughing their butts off when they try to text you back.

I think I saw a warning about the hot superstorm of black holes in the Pornhub coming attractions on the internet.

It's sad we haven't developed the ability to observe the Internet Apocalypse from Milliways restaurant at the End of the Universe, where the food literally speaks for itself and have a cow visit our table to describe it's most tasty cuts.

Maybe we can get some comfort watching kids trying to text using smoke signals.

It ain't just the end of the Internet. A solar storm that big will knock out the electrical grid, all telecommunications, and lots of electrical and electronic devices.

Google: Carrington Event.

If that happens, know I’ll be thinking about you guys. It’s been real (as we used to say).

Satire and NOT a partisan political view.

Keep building those solar panels (in China), electric cars and exploding lithium batteries that power them, while we continue shutting down domestic oil and natural gas pipelines and ban drilling for fossil fuels, (but it's ok for third world economies like Russia, China, and India to do so & keep burning coal).

We'll keep printing money to extend unemployment benefits and spending for social welfare programs for the deplorables in the energy industries. Somebody fuel up John Kerry's private jet so he can hightail it to the next European greenhouse gas summit.


I blame Florida man.

Steverino is right--We would be forced back to 1870's technology. No running water, gasoline. Any vehicles on the road would soon be horse drawn. No air travel, etc. It would be a good time to become a troglodyte and get away from it all. Thinking it over, NO BEER!
Oh, the humanity!

Maybe we could hitch a ride from the space aliens. I understand some of them want to serve man.

As part of an additional totally free study with concert to follow, Astrophysicist are calling the potential downing of the interwibble a total Solar Sacrifice. man.

For you too young to be hip, we used top say 'man' every other sentence in the 60's.

Like, "man can I have a toke on that far out pie?" Something like that.

This is why I always keep two old soup cans and a waxed string next to my wall mounted telephone, just in case.

So my 3G flip phone could make me the envy of all humanity?

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