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September 26, 2021


Is Steeping Your Balls the Future of Male Birth Control?

(Thanks to Ralph)


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This “device” uses ultrasound, or is there is a microwave version for heating the balls? Asking for a friend…

Not our cup of tea.

What could possibly go wrong?

Not to be confused with bubble tea, because you need a straw to suck on that.

I suspect this might work better if accompanied by chanting, drums and rattle shaking.

My boys are NOT taking the Nestea plunge!!!

There is a baseball joke about batting and foreign substances in here somewhere, but I'm not a Pulitzer prize winning humorist.

Sun tea and crumpets, anyone?

So it's either this or the [DS] Australian method, where birth control is accomplished after the fact using lead pills to be marketed as "The Years After"? Favorite quote of the week: "Never, has so much, been taken, from so many, by so few!"

If something goes wrong, you would still have a start on a Rocky Mountain oyster fry. Well, a SMALL Rocky Mountain oyster fry.

The Bee Gees Steedped a lot in order to sing notes higher than their normal range. Falsie-etto, (SP?).


Yes, steep your balls in ice cold water. This should help.

This is not easy to do. It has a steep learning curve...

A Relaxing Bubble Bath Alternative

Two men relieving themselves off a narrow bridge. Mam(1): "The water sure is cold!" Man(2): "And pretty deep, too!"

Don't put soy sauce on your testicles like the viral Tik Tok videos say.

Never Kikkoman in the balls.

What do you do with the water afterward?

@SJ You can use it to color your Easter eggs, just remember to do that after.

@SJ. Give it to your wife and/or girlfriend to gargle with, as it's a potent aphrodisiac.

Also good for COCKtails.

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