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September 02, 2021


Police arrived on scene shortly after the call to find another neighbor nearby celebrating at a gender reveal party. However, the expectant father was found to have shot multiple rounds into the air upon hearing the news of a baby boy. The screams the neighbor heard were from the mother who was also excited upon hearing news of a baby boy.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Let's just hope the father doesn't go all Yosemite Sam & try to make everyone dance at the christening.

What happens in Murfreesboro stays in Murfreesboro. Or we surely hope it does....

Whatever happened to the good old days of setting off blue/pink explosions and doing real damage?

Isn't it odd that so much energy is being put into gender reveals, when another segment of society is telling us that gender isn't real?

This'll probably stop only when one of the bullets comes straight back down and hits the shooter.

In the meantime, the worst thing about gender reveals is that their perpetrators are REPRODUCING.

By contrast: back when our first son was born, Mr. MOTW would proudly tell people, "When he came out and the nurses finished wiping him clean, he began to instruct the nurses and doctor in Latin about new advancements in childbirth. The doctor agreed with his assessment and said he would arrange for a speaking engagement with the AMA as soon as possible. They all stated he was such a perfect child, they would never deliver another baby since anything else would pale in comparison." He could say this with a straight face, too.



Because I'm Happy!!!

My daughter dyed her hair blue when she found out that she was expecting a son. She's pregnant again and will dye her hair either pink or blue when she finds about this one. No party, no explosions.

When my wife was pregnant and people asked, "What are you having?", I liked to answer, "We're pretty sure it's a human."

When asked about the new baby my favorite response was: "It looks just like the neighbor, bald & wrinkled".

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