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September 30, 2021


Seawater is salty not 'because of sperm from blue whales'

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Job title: Blue Whale Sperm collector
(for scientific inquiry)
Applicants must supply own SCUBA gear.
Job Description:
Collect Blue whale sperm.
Interested parties contact: XXX-XXX-XXXX

So that blonde who blew a seal also blew a whale?

Don't blame the whales. An unreliable local know-it-all source who claims he has a D.D. degree from a university advertising in Rolling Stone magazine, claims the Kracken munching on ships carrying salt is the responsible party. It is a well known fact that what goes in one end of a kracken comes out the other end.

Given that the source is in a landlocked country, it might not be the most authoritative on marine matters.

No No No! It's not from Blue whales, but sperm whales.

We count ourselves very fortunate to have been able to visit West Cumbria, and we want to come back someday to complete a trek of the full England Coastal Trail with our kids.

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