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September 02, 2021


FTC investigating why McDonald’s ice cream machines are always broken

(Thanks to Kevin Meerschaert)


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Scuttlebutt on the interwebs says they are very hard to clean, so instead of investing the effort, the staff just tells customers they're broken. If we can come up with a self-cleaning machine, they'll sell like HOTCAKES!

Finally a USG agency doing something of note. This could be DMB's hot-button issue in the coming campaign. Next, transform Pennsylvania Avenue into the Pennsylvania Canal & help drain the Wall St. Swamp and do away with the revolving doors that allows the heads of USG agencies to get high paying jobs in the industries they regulated by making them use the stairs & clean all those ice cream machines.

I have been following this story all year. A few weeks ago, a judge granted
a restraining order against the Taylor ice cream machine people.
The lawsuit alleged that Taylor had "designed flawed code that caused the machines to malfunction" to profit from machine repairs.

The scientists who did the study as to why gravity makes beer mats fall to the floor should be able to figure out this problem in a few years time. I remember when drug stores had really good ice cream at their food counters that came in possibly 3 gallon cardboard containers. Maybe McDonalds could just buy the big containers of ice cream and train workers how to use a mechanical ice cream scoop. They could simplify matters even more if they did like Johnson Howard's Ice cream store in Blazing Saddles and advertise, "ONE FLAVOR?"

Maybe it's because people take out their frustration on the machines because the ice cream, like everything else at McDonald's, just isn't any good?

LP: The trick to that was trying to guess which flavor was furthest back in the freezer from the young lasses in the short uniforms who would struggle to reach over scoop and cone its' contents. Those were the days!

I'm lovin' it !!!

This is definitely what Madison had in mind when he wrote the Federalist Papers.

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